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wine tasting in the comfort of your own home

in 3 easy steps you can discover new wines you wouldn’t normally choose, expand your selection and learn more about yourself.

ask-jean takes the guessing out of which bottle of wine to buy for dinner with friends, or to pair with a delicious meal. let us get to know you so that you can get to know your wine.

for wine estates

ask-jean uses a machine learning algorithm to personalise wine recommendations so that we can simplify to process for customers when it comes to choosing wines (and other beverages).

this helps breaks down that ‘wall of wine’ when they don’t know what to buy. it also helps them avoid spending a lot of money on wines they are not likely to enjoy, instead guaranteeing them a recommendation they will enjoy because it’s been personalised based off of their own palate preference. for the wine farms this data can be hugely valuable for you as you get to know your consumers preferences more and more. access to this live data is afforded to wine farms that partner with us.

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